Happy Holidays from Puck Prediction!

The NHL begins its three-day break for the Christmas holidays today, so there won’ t be any predictions or previews until Friday, when the schedule resumes with ten divisional matchups.

Photo credit: Flickr user TerryJohnston. Use of this image does not imply endorsement.

In the spirit of the holidays, I just wanted to quickly thank everyone who’s become part of the community around Puck Prediction. Literally thousands of people have visited this site since I started it up in the late summer, an enthusiastic response to the work here that I never expected. I really appreciate the attention you’ve all given to my work, as well as the new friends I’ve made through hockey statistics and the spirited discussions I’ve had with many of you on- and off-line.

I’ve got some original stats work that I’m preparing to publish here in the new year, and of course I’ll be picking the games as I always do. In the meantime, below are some highlights from the first months of Puck Prediction. Happy Holidays!

In case you missed them:

  • My look at the consistency and predictive utility of Fenwick Close. In which I pretty much confused the crap out of everyone.
  • My labor of love from the summertime: how likely are goaltenders to have great (or awful) games?
  • My multi-part look at all things concerning shot quality and the Toronto Maple Leafs. See here, here and here.
  • The obvious counterpoint to the Leafs: how unlucky were last season’s New Jersey Devils? (Answer: very.)
  • A subject I plan to return to in 2014: the importance of event rate for evaluating hockey teams.
  • Hockey outcomes are more random than even stats people like me sometimes appreciate.

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About Nick Emptage

Nicholas Emptage is the blogger behind puckprediction.com. He is an economist by trade and a Sharks fan by choice.
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2 Responses to Happy Holidays from Puck Prediction!

  1. Johnny Canuck says:

    I’ve found your terrific site by accident. And I’m happy with this. Happy holidays!

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